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5 Signs You May Be Suffering From Low Testosterone

Are you feeling more tired than normal? Do you find that your workouts are a lot more difficult than those in the past? You may be dealing with low testosterone levels, which is common in men as they get older.

Hormone changes aren’t something that only affect women. Men also experience a decrease in testosterone levels as they get older, which may cause a number of symptoms you may chalk up to signs of old age. 

But you don’t have suffer in silence. At Expect Wellness, Rachel E. Hall, MD has made it her business to stop your suffering, and shares with you some of the common signs you may be suffering from low testosterone, a very treatable condition.

Not in the mood

According to researchers at Ohio State University, men think about sex twice as often as women. For men, sexual desire is physical and often brought on by the large amount of testosterone coursing through your body. 

One of the tell-tale signs that your testosterone levels may be taking a downswing is that you no longer get turned on when you see your partner walk out of the shower naked. 

If you’re no longer in the mood or have difficulty sustaining an erection, Dr. Hall may recommend you have your testosterone levels checked to see if your hormones are to blame.

Deflating muscle power

Testosterone not only fuels your sexual desire, but also gives you muscle power. If you find that you’re not as strong as you used to be, or your muscles aren’t growing despite all the bicep curls and shoulder raises, you may have an imbalance in hormone levels.

Low testosterone also increases fat accumulation and makes weight loss harder. While your sedentary office job may be partly responsible for the increase in your waist size, low testosterone levels don’t help.

Receding hairline

You may blame genetics for your receding hairline, but it may not be all your father’s fault your hair isn’t as thick and luxurious as it was when you were younger. A decrease in testosterone production also affects the actions of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a hormone that causes hair follicles to whither and die. 

DHT attaches to the same receptors in your body as testosterone. When testosterone levels are down, DHT takes over, and may cause an increase in hair loss.

Feeling down

Your testosterone level also affects your mood. If you’re feeling down or depressed, low testosterone may be to blame. The decrease in hormones may also cause you to feel more tired and less motivated, which may also affect mood. 

If you’re feeling depressed or down, be sure to have your testosterone level checked before adding an antidepressant to your health routine.

You can’t seem to find your words

Are you having a difficult time finding the right words to express what you mean? Do you find your mind wandering when you’re trying to complete a task? It may be more than just being overworked. Low levels of testosterone hormones affect memory, work ability, and concentration. 

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, Dr. Hall recommends you come in for an evaluation. If it turns out your testosterone levels are out of balance, she can provide hormone replacement therapy to help you feel better. If your symptoms have another cause, she can provide treatment for that as well.

To learn more about low testosterone and have your level checked, call Expect Wellness today or contact us to schedule a consultation. 

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