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To improve your health, you have to change your habits. Very few people are able to make major changes without some sort of support. At Expect Wellness your commitment to lifestyle change is guided and championed by our health coach, Elena.

Changing your lifestyle means changing your behavior. Changing ingrained behaviors and breaking long standing habits and routines that are damaging your health is a process not unlike breaking free of an addiction. 12 Step Programs encourage you to change your friends and to not put yourself in positions where your cravings are triggered. There are also the meetings. That’s the support structure for the destructive chain to be broken and the new behaviors to be maintained. You get a sponsor in a 12 step program; Elena is your sponsor for your lifestyle change.

Each client has 5 one on one sessions with Elena to learn the specific areas that affect your body’s ability to function properly, and how to improve your health by making your choices and habits those of a healthy, anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Elena also helps you when you’re stuck or facing potential barriers. How do I maintain this lifestyle while traveling? I don’t like to cook. I’m getting bored with the foods I am eating. As long as your obstacle isn’t an excuse (you can’t get around excuses), Elena can help with ideas, recipes, and encouragement to get around, over, under or through any barrier.

Dr. Halls article Page 15

Elena’s job is more than giving you the knowledge. It’s helping you put it into action. Knowledge is only powerful if it is put in action. Our human nature resists change, even when we have the knowledge. So a lot of the work of a coach is mindset. You have to make up your mind to change, and be committed to sticking with it no matter what. Elena helps you resolve to change and supports you to maintain it.

You have to have a “Why” big enough to keep you on track, even when you’re tempted or in situations you might slip back into your old habits. Your “Why” keeps your eyes on the prize; the reason you’re NOT going to compromise your new habits. This is the way to reach your goals. Having a coach puts you on the path to success faster and helps you stay there. (For more on The Big Why, see Dr. Hall’s article Page 15 in this magazine:

So if you’re ready to commit to yourself and adopt a healthy lifestyle, contact us today to discuss your options.