To guide, educate and support clients toward a healthy lifestyle so they feel and live their best, with created patterns that last a lifetime.


To influence such a significant evolution in our clients there is a ripple effect beyond those we personally touch and stimulates a shift in the consciousness and health of our community.


ADVOCATE: We strive to be apostles of wellness, supporting and motivating each client, empowering their commitment to themselves and those they love. We coach through the inherent ups and downs of change, and champion the desired end result, defending the ultimate aim that drives the process of change. Similarly, we uphold and inspire each other to do our work to the best of our abilities.

NURTURE:  As we care for our clients, we remind ourselves it is our privilege to shepherd them through a pivotal shift in their lives. We treasure this opportunity to minister to their transformation, all the while remembering that self-care is the most important and impactful responsibility to ourselves and those in our care.

HONOR: Our sincere hope is to always act from the core values of honesty, integrity, excellence, and respect. We are people of substance who strive for wholeness, and it is through this commitment to virtue we know we can affect the most change in ourselves, others, and our community. We recognize the better we hold up this value among ourselves, the better it will reflect outside. Everyone on the Expect Wellness team has a responsibility to live up to our values, and every participant in our work is encouraged to do the same. When there is a mistake, we take ownership, learn, adjust, and move on. Missteps are inevitable, but they should never be repeated. We own our choices and our work.

PASSION: We love safeguarding our health and those of others, but our passion also is for loving, kindness, grace, empathy, and compassion. We know we are best able to live and promote our passion through inclusive and humanely grounded interactions with those ready to be passionate about themselves and their wellbeing.

RESILLIENCE: To live out our mission we must remain flexible and persistent, be accountable for our actions, admit fault when necessary, and follow through on our promises with precision and attention to detail. Anyone serving others runs the risk of draining their own resources, so we pledge to support each other and ourselves to be disciples refilling our own vessels and thus enabling the ability to continue to serve.

INSPIRE: The enterprise of Expect Wellness was created when Dr. Hall’s imagination of what was possible for her and her clients’ health was triggered. We are committed to her ambition and take thoughtful initiative to help each client succeed. We stay open to invention and discover new ways to promote the success of everyone.

WONDER:  We approach each day and interaction with humor, sincere warmth, cheer, and a jovial admiration of play. We stand in awe and astonishment of the unpredictable nature of life, which therefore shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Both miracles and $h!t happen, so we embrace both with joy.

GRATITUDE:  We remain in awe at the fortune of being able to serve our community this way and give thanks to those who are ready to join us on this path. Stewardship for our greatest asset, our bodies, and wellness, show the world our appreciation of the divine, in whose image we are made. Our attitude of gratitude stimulates our journey, and we cultivate a sense of welcome to all.