Hope you are staying safe and well, and are practicing social distancing and staying at home except for necessities. We are here for you at Expect Wellness for your needs. We are still drawing labs, refilling scripts, and inserting hormones. We’re doing our best to keep supplements in stock, and are still offering IV treatments. Some of our IV therapies support the immune system, so please make an appointment if you are interested.

Here is what we are doing to keep you safe when you come into the office:

  • When at all possible, maintaining at least 6 feet from each other and you.
  • Staggering appointment times to keep the number of people in the office at any one time to minimum.
  • You can also ask if your appointment could be done via telemedicine/Zoom.
  • Cleaning surfaces regularly.
  • Wearing masks per the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendation.

What we ask of you if you’re coming to the office:

If you have any potential symptoms of COVID 19, do not come to the office.

If you have been around someone who has a positive COVID test, call us to determine if you can come to the office.

At this time we are asking that everyone have an appointment to come in to the office, even if it’s to pick up supplements. We want to make sure you come at a time with minimal people in the office. Also, if you call ahead, we can have what you need ready for you, and get you in and out quickly and safely.

If you are going to be late for your appointment, please call and make sure your late arrival time won’t cause too many people to be in the office at once.

When at all possible, maintain at least 6 feet from others.

Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth the entire time you are in the office, even if you are in a room alone.

Anyone, including children, coming with you to your appointment must be able to reliably wear a mask properly the entire time. If your child is too young to wear a mask, or not compliant with wearing a mask for significant periods of time, please find child care arrangements.

Wearing a cloth covering over your nose and mouth reduces the spread of COVID 19. People infected, but not showing symptoms, spread the virus through respiratory droplets. Wearing a covering over your nose and mouth contains these droplets to the cloth, reducing the spread. Wearing a mask does not prevent your getting infected from someone shedding the virus and not wearing a mask, so please respect those around you and wear a mask.

Dr. Hall recommends wearing a mask anytime you leave your home or car. Keep your mask on while talking, even on the phone, and refrain from touching your mask, therefore fit is really important. Other countries and states have shown that if everyone does this very simple act of solidarity when they must leave the house, infection rates drop drastically.