Columbia’s Hormone Expert

Columbia’s Hormone Expert

Dr. Rachel Hall

After moving into Integrative Holistic Medicine, Dr. Hall became very interested in hormones, and not just estrogen and progesterone.  Our bodies run on hormones, in fact Vitamin D is actually a hormone. 

The hormones in our body are like a symphony, when one section goes out of tune, the other sections can go out of tune as well, and then all sections need to be tuned for the body to function properly.  Dr. Hall evaluates thyroid hormones in depth, as well as adrenal (stress) hormones, sex hormones, insulin and more. 

In menopause one section of the hormone symphony has a “key change”.  In fact, the dissonance that can be created by imbalanced hormones can begin well before menopause (the average age is 51) and cause problems with total hormone balance, as well as sexual dysfunction, weight gain, fatigue, estrogen dominance, menstrual irregularities, and more.  Dr. Hall is experienced at evaluating hormone imbalance at any phase of life, but of course menopausal women are the majority of her hormone clients.

She herself has been making sure her own hormones are optimized in her 40s, as she moves towards menopause herself, so she is skilled at helping both women and men of all ages discover imbalances and bring the hormone symphony back into harmony.

Dr. Hall often gives health seminars on hormones.  Contact the office and ask when the next date is, and plan to join us, or if you know you want to get started, use the contact form to request an appointment.

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